LEBO Reception at Arts Fund


On Friday, June 5, San Francisco Sentry and Arts Fund together with artists, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and patrons of the arts gathered to welcome the latest addition to their collection, "Holy Smoke" by David "LEBO" LeBatard. The Arts Fund offices provide a spacious venue (with spectacular 360° views from the 27th floor) for their burgeoning art portfolio.

Arts Fund also announced the launch of a new digital media animation studio in partnership with LEBO, as the well-rounded crowd of San Francisco luminaries enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and champagne hosted by San Francisco Sentry and Arts Fund.

LEBO is a renowned artist & visual storyteller who manifests his vision through an ever-evolving set of mediums. Beginning with his first residency, at the Cartoon Art Museum, LEBO has connected with a legion of devotees and patrons ranging from Universal Music, Sony Pictures, Adidas Originals, The Beastie Boys, Thievery Corporation, Les Claypool and Gibson Guitars, whose patronage of LEBO includes residency at their Gibson Showroom.

LEBO aka David LeBatard's "Holy Smoke"

Kelly Pretzer (Project Manager, Digital Media and IT, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, San Francisco City Hall) & LEBO aka David LeBatard

Darren K. Johnston (Arts Fund General Partner), Hilary Newsom (President, Plumpjack Group), Geoff Callan (CEO, Enough Said Productions)

Linda Palmer (Portfolio Manager, San Francisco Sentry), Rick Dirickson (Chairman, San Francisco Sentry), Rachelle Axel (Development Director, San Francisco Arts Commission), Luis Cancel (Executive Director, San Francisco Arts Commission) Lee Root (CFO, San Francisco Sentry)

Bill Franchey (Arts Fund General Partner), Geoff Callan, Hilary Newsom, Adam Hootnick (President, Resonance Pictures)

Luis Cancel (Executive Director, San Francisco Arts Commission) & Rachelle Axel (Development Director, San Francisco Arts Commission)

Cassandra Richardson (Arts Fund High Art Director) & Jonathan Zakin (President, & CEO, The Big Live)

Lee Root, David LeBatard, Darren K. Johnston, Adam Hootnick, Bill Franchey

Bill Franchey, David LeBatard, Hillary Newsom, Geof Callan

Claudia Juestel (Founder, Adeeni Design Group), Holly Baxter (Principal, Baxter & Cook Art Advisors), Mia Benenate (Arts Fund Media & Artist Relations)

Darren K. Johnston, Marlo Avalos, Neveo Mosser (CEO, Mosser Companies)

(And now, a few extra photos from the intrepid reporter...)

Another shot of LEBO's "Holy Smoke"

Another piece from the Arts Fund collection, by Robert Arneson

Ray Beldner made this untitled composition of one dollar bills sewn together as a part of his “Money Bags” series

Bruce Houston painted (and constructed) "Large Mondrian Truck" with permission from Mondrian's estate

Did we mention the view?


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