Let's Go Crazy: Peaches Christ's "Purple Rain" Party at the Castro Theatre with Apollonia. Win Tickets!


When I first saw Prince's magnum opus Purple Rain, I immediately spun my hair into tight, cascading curls, wore only ruffled lace and paisley suits, and rode around on custom-made purple motorcycle. (In my dreams, of course!) Nearly 30 years after it hit theaters, still not a soul can touch the the Purple One's autobiographical film and the killer soundtrack that goes along with it. Thankfully, Peaches Christ is keeping the love alive with her Purple Rain extravaganza this Friday, July 1st at the Castro Theatre.

And when we say extravaganza, we mean it. The gorgeous Apollonia herself will be there to celebrate with the Midnight Mass Players (Peaches, Martiny and Putanesca) in a tour de fierce performance before the film screening. And all those questions you've been aching for answers to all these years? The Goddess Apollonia will answer them all in a Q&A.

You're expected to come dressed in full-on 80s fabulousness for the 80s Couture Costume Contest, where daytime lingerie, thigh-high boots, and other outrageously kitschy outfits are necessary. With so many drag queens around, it'll be a stiff competition. And don't forget to brush up on your moves! The musical numbers in this film don't play around.

Want to go? You can win a pair of tickets to the event if you write about your favorite Prince song off the Purple Rain soundtrack (and why!)  in the comments section below. We'll pick our favorite answer to win tickets.

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