Link Love: Men’s Vogue Outs Gay Men, Fashion Networking and Artsy Model Cards


Daily reads from our feeds …

Men’s Vogue finds gay men kissing too controversial? But provocative images of a 12-year old Dakota Fanning are okay? Seems a bit backwards if you ask us. The Cut reports on the banning of Juergen Teller’s “racy” ads for Marc Jacobs.

Fashionista gives us their review on the new fashion networking site, Fashionair. You’ll know where to find us on our lunch breaks.

Get an inside look at Vogue’s editors’ picks for fall in these behind-the-scenes videos.

Is it any surprise that this recession has led to a surge in retail theft by employees and shoplifters? I mean, when times are tough … (via WWD)

Make these your next collector’s item. Refinery29 shows us One Management’s Avedon-inspired model cards.

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