Listen Up: Zion I, Or The Whale, Gomez, Sonic Youth Headline This Week


Amidst this bizarre summer cold and heavy ghost pirate fog plaguing the City, this weekend’s lineup is really going to heat things up. Unfortunately, most of the good stuff completely conflicts with each other. Make good choices ladies and gents.

N.E.R.D., The Warfield, 7/30: Meet Snoop Dogg’s self-professed therapist and master producer, Pharrell in his most creative state – on stage with buddies Chad and Shay at The Warfield. We think you’ll be surprised by the beats they’ve created for mainstream pop and rap. It’s surprising how much they’ve put together for artists these days.

Gomez, The Fillmore, 7/30-31: There’s really nothing like a bunch of English lads from Southport, particularly Ian Ball’s voice and Olly Peacock’s perfectionist drumming techniques. Is it a coincidence that they’ve been friends from a small age? We think not. Openers are Portland-based, indie-pop, Blind Pilot. You may know them from their infamous 2008 bicycle tour. If not, get up to speed. Their revolutionary green tactic brought new meaning to cheap touring.

Zion I and The Grouch, Avalon Nightclub, 7/31: One of our daily obsessions and music staples, Zion I and The Grouch (of Living Legends fame) made an album, Heroes In The City Of Dope a couple years ago, but never toured (Check out our interview with Zion I for their newest album, The Takeover, here). It’ll definitely be exciting for this random club appearance in Santa Clara. C’mon it’s not that far, and it’ll definitely be worth the trip.

Or, The Whale, Verdi Club, 7/31: Support local bands and The Bay Bridged at the same time for this very special performance at Verdi Club. Formed in part by the good graces of Craigslist posts, these San Franciscans have made our City proud with appearances in USA Today, Paste, Magnet, Billboard mag and has traveled with Fleet Foxes, The Dodos, Two Gallants and others. Check them out and the music will speak for itself.

Sonic Youth, The Fox Theater, 8/2: There’s really nothing that words could accurately attribute to one of indie/avant-punk’s cultural institutions since the 80s. A perfected live performance at the beautiful Fox Theater, consider your night perfection.

Deerhoof, Great American Music Hall, 8/2: Super underground avant-indie breakthroughs, Deerhoof are making a much-anticipated appearance this week. Check out our extra-special interview with them here.

The Fray, Shoreline, 8/1: These Denver natives are bringing their piano rock to the Shoreline this week. The smooth sound and lofty lyrics will have you snapping, clapping, swaying with lighters, or whatever by the end of the night. We suggest shelling out the extra bucks for the seats so you can actually see lead singer, Isaac Slade’s adorable little face.

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