Live in Spain for Free? Sign us up...


First, there was Australia's Best Job in the World offering (speaking of which, you can still apply to be an island caretaker in the Great Barrier Reef through Feb. 22!). Now, as if you needed another reason to quit your job--or revel in your recently unemployed state--Spain has to come along and drop a doozy on you, as well. Are you ready for this? Take a deep breath and listen here.

The Department of Education of the Regional Government of Castile-Leon is now inviting all native English speakers to come live in Spain--FOR FREE--and work as teachers to pre-schoolers and elementary school students. VaughanTown is recruiting retired teachers or volunteers who are simply fun, good with kids and will instill a strong sense of the English language in the students.

The catch, of course (because there's got to be one), is that you don't get paid, but hey, they're covering all of your expenses (except round-trip airfare to Spain), so if you're already not doing anything except wasting rent in San Francisco, why not give it a shot?

Once you arrive in Spain, someone will be there to greet you and guide you through the next few days. From there, all your costs are covered: first, for a day or two in Madrid, then in a single, shared apartment or host family home, plus insurance and a stipend. Additionally, you're invited to take part in weekend activities or outings offered by the company. Volunteers can stay a maximum of three months on a tourist visa.

Those interested in participating should contact Mayte Ziga at For more information, log onto

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