Live Music This Week: AlunaGeorge, My Morning Jacket, and More


Odds are good that R&B revivalists AlunaGeorge will tease their new upcoming album this week at the Mezzanine. 

Tuesday: Ariel Pink at Bimbo's 365 Club

I once saw Ariel Pink use an electronic toy gun as an instrument. That’s really all you need to know about this certifiable oddball-genius.

Wednesday: AlunaGeorge at Mezzanine

New material is forthcoming for AlunaGeorge, the R&B revivalist duo that turned heads aplenty with the 2013 debut Body Talk. Her latest track, “Automatic,” (below) might hint at one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year. Lead singer Aluna Francis recently updated fans about the album's progress, via the SF Examiner: “Let’s use a cake analogy. It’s out of the oven, cooling down. But we’re going to cut it in half, put something in the middle, put icing around the outside, and add some hand-made marzipan figurines. And everyone’s impatient, going, “Can’t I eat it yet?” And we’re like, ‘No, no, no. Just wait!’”

Thursday: FFS (Franz Ferdinand + Sparks) at Fox Theater

Scottish rock gods Franz Ferdinand and L.A. experimental wackadoos Sparks have united, because sure why not. The collaboration has resulted in a song called “Collaborations Don't Work,” so I guess we’ll see! The bands are calling it one of the greatest albums of either’s career, which we've noted.

Thursday at Slim's AND Friday at Fillmore: Kurt Vile

Attn: night owls (probably you, if you’re a regular reader), this is the album you’ve been waiting for! Kurt Vile’s latest album b’lieve i’m goin down was conceived in the inspired, dark, negligible hours. He told Rolling Stone: "It’s definitely got that night vibe—it’s my sequel to Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly."

Thursday-Saturday: My Morning Jacket at The Masonic

If you haven’t seen My Morning Jacket, you’ve probably never been to a music festival. I think I’ve seen them 10 times, and it never gets old. But it’s such a treat to see this band play a proper headlining set of their own accord. The band’s catalogue by now is seven albums deep and growing better by the year. Their semi-new 2015 album The Waterfall continues the trend — and perhaps their best to date. The New York Times writes the album is “a consolidation of its strengths, a hunk of substantiation for a believing fan base.”

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