Local Designer Goes to Bat for Lashes’ Head


If you’ve seen Bat for Lashes lately, it’s likely you’ve also seen the work of San Francisco accessories designer Nico Lopez, who creates adornments such as feather headpieces and shoulder-dusting recycled leather earrings under her label 1228.

Lashes’ songstress Natasha Khan has been spotted wearing Lopez’s work at show after show since the local designer emailed her on a whim before Outside Lands last summer. Impressed with the photos Lopez sent, Khan’s manager offered to meet on the day of the Bat for Lashes show at the summer music festival in Golden Gate Park and was taken enough with what she saw to invite Lopez to drop by the British star’s hotel room before the performance.

“So I spread out all my things on her bed, and we chit-chatted a bit while she tried a bunch of stuff on,” Lopez recalls.

Khan ended up taking multiple pieces, among them a pink and cream feather headdress, a pair of hand-cut recycled leather earrings and a feather hair piece with a vintage appliqué. Before she left, Lopez says Khan mentioned perhaps wearing the accessories during an upcoming appearance at the Radio Mercury Awards.

“So I did not expect her to wear anything that day,” says Lopez. “I was shocked when I started receiving text messages from friends at her [Outside Lands] show saying, ‘Oh my god, she’s wearing all your stuff!’”

In fact, the first proof Lopez found that Khan had, in fact, decided to don her creations that very day came from this video that appeared just hours after the show on 7x7.com.

Since then, Lopez has watched as her high-drama headwear and hippie chic earrings have appeared on stage with Khan in numerous tour stops for the album Two Suns.

While Lopez readies her new web site and online store for release, you can check out occasional updates on her blog or contact her at 1228clothing (at) gmail (dot) com to view the collection and place orders.

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