Local Label Tradlands' Menswear Inspired Shirts are Fit for Spring


Tradlands is hoping to provide local ladies with the perfect basic: a menswear-inspired oxford shirt. The fit is casually tailored – not too sexy or too corporate, making the wardrobe staple a chameleon in just about any setting. The one-year-old SF-based company, run by co-founders Sadie Beaudet and her fiance Jeremy Robert, strives to be authentic, taking inspiration from nature, rather than trends or the usual muses.

This spring, their third collection is inspired by Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Badlands. That would seem to be the main story for this small-batch brand. But, there’s more to it. Tradlands’ aesthetic, a nondescript style that’s decidedly outside of trends, is ironically a major trend in fashion right now. We’ve been hearing a lot about "normcore," a way of dressing that’s so normal and quiet, clothes recede to the background and the wearer's ideas and values are put forward. Normcore devotees favor uniforms (think the techie's hoodie and Steve Jobs' mocknecks), and that's how author and Tomboy Style blogger Lizzie Garret Mettler, known for her androgynous and spare style, has described Tradlands' shirts. This spring, Mettler collaborated with the label on a henley popover in two colorways, white and a subtle stripe, that will be available for purchase on April 22 online

Normcore may be a passing blip—though let’s pause and appreciate how refreshing it is for SF to be at the forefront of a trend—but Tradlands was designed to withstand fashion’s ADD. Of heirloom quality, the shirts last forever and Beaudet and Robert hope you’ll pass them down to your too-cool-for-fashion, rebel daughters.

Our three favorite looks would have to be the colorful plaid Vacationland, sweet Stow Lake, and cheeky, shark-speckled Farallon Islands (check them out in the slideshow above), but you can find the rest of the spring collection at Tradlands.

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