Lou’s Cafe is Turning Three: Jalapeno Spread the Word!


Inner Richmond favorite, Lou’s Cafe, is celebrating its third birthday on March 19th and you are invited to celebrate! For four weeks, from now until March 23nd, you can get the featured sandwich of the week for just $4.99 exclusively through GoPago.

In the last three years, Lou’s Cafe has served up some of the city’s best sandwiches with a friendly atmosphere, fresh dutch crunch and creamy spreads acting as the key ingredients for their success. The word of mouth has spread, the Yelp reviews are in at four and a half stars and the lunch lines have grown out of control. GoPago has become the cure to skipping the line the same way their breakfast sandwich is a cure to your nasty hangover. Here is the sandwich special line-up:

Week 1: LLB Special
If you think the LLB is somehow related to the pounds you’ll put on after inhaling a sandwich with three meats and two cheeses; you’d be wrong. It is the initials for Lou, the patriarch of this family-run business who works in agriculture and lives in the Philippines. The sandwich is full of beef, turkey, ham, swiss, provolone and Lou’s special sauce on a Dutch Crunch roll.
Week 2: Veggie
A veggie sandwich might not make the radar for most meat eaters, but the sprouts, cucumber, avocado, swiss cheese, roasted peppers and pepperoncinis are not to be missed. Lou’s also serves up a more Beyonce approved Veggie-licious version with eggplant and mushrooms, if you are ready for that jelly.

Week 3: Chicken Pesto
Pesto combined with aioli spreads the magic on this chicken breast sandwich served on a soft french roll. If you feel like you need more of a garlic kick, get it with Lou’s special sauce. If you want it with a little heat, add in the jalapeno spread.

Week 4: Ami-Cado
Did you ever wonder how the Ami-Cado got its name? Take the ‘ami in pastrami and add it to the ‘cado in avocado and you get this popular Lou’s sandwich. Pastrami and avocado are combined with salami, pepper jack and Lou’s special sauce.  

Bread, spread and a variety of fillings are the elements of any sandwich but the possibilities are endless and the freshness of Lou’s can be tasted in every bite. If you come in on March 19th, be sure to wish them a happy birthday and you can get a free soda with your sandwich purchase. Get ordering and save time, skip the line and save money with GoPago.

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