Magical Muppets & More @ YBCA In October


Don't ever let something silly like Katy Perry's cleavage distract you from the magic of Sesame Street. The wacky, educational, and sometimes psychedelic kid's show, which debuted in 1969, is getting big props from YBCA during the entire month of October (Halloween costume ideas!), celebrating the making and legacy of Jim Henson's Sesame Street with four film screenings.

Sesame Street at 40: Milestones on the Street is a best-of collection featuring classic moments from guest celebrities, the first-ever episode and hilarious clips of Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and the rest of the Muppet gang. Fri, Oct 1, 7:30 pm & Sat, Oct 2, 2 pm

Jim Henson & Friends: Inside the Sesame Street Vault is a super rare behind-the-scene glimpse at the puppeteers who brought all the Muppets to life on the show and beyond, from Henson himself to film legend Frank Oz (who grew up in Oakland). Thu, Oct 14, 7:30 pm & Sat, Oct 16, 2 pm

Sing! The Music of Sesame Street honors the ingenious remixes of songs a lot of us grew up singing in our little kid voices. The film also highlights all of the biggest names in the music industry who have made appearances on the show. Thu, Oct 21, 7:30 pm & Sat, Oct 23, 2 pm

Muppets History 201: Rarities from the Henson Vault is a sequel to the ultra-popular Muppets History 101 screening YBCA showed in 2007, this new film features rare shorts and TV segments featuring the magical Muppet crew. Thu, Oct 28, 7:30 pm & Sat, Oct 30, 2 pm

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