Maker's Mark Cocktail Party 2012 at Pete's Tavern


On September 12, 7x7 hosted it's third Maker's Mark Cocktail Party 2012 which launched in early August, this time at Pete's Tavern located just outside the San Francisco Giants Stadium.

A large crowd flocked to Pete's Tavern to enjoy $5 specials on the evening's signature drink, the Maker's Mule, created by Pete's Tavern mixologist, Holly Malander. The Maker's Mule consists of 1.5 oz Maker's Mark, splash of lime juice, ginger ale, dash of bitters, and garnished with mint leaf and lime wedge.

The Maker's Mark girls assisted guests in creating custom wax-dipped mini-shakers evoking Maker's Mark's iconic wax-sealed bottles.

Don't miss the next stop on the Cocktail Party tour of San Francisco, headed next to Pier 29 Restaurant on Wednesday, Sep. 26thfind out more here!

Photos: Ashleigh Reddy Photography

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