Man Tips: Neiman Marcus' Jim Spencer Shows Us How to Use Your Knee To Tie Your Bow Tie


September and October mean a lot of things; our one shot at a hot summer, Fleet Week, the start of NFL football, hopefully a run at the playoffs for the Giants and for some, frustrations at attempting to tie a bow tie for all the galas.

Check out the proper way to do it in the diagram to the left.

After a few times trying it ourselves and failing, we decided to turn to the experts. Towards that end, we hunted down Jim Spencer at Neiman Marcus Union Square. He showed us a nifty trick to see what you're doing and stay sane while tying up. (Who knew the knee is the same circumference as your neck?)

Check out the video below and Thank you Jim for the life lessons! Man Tips: Use Your Knee to Tie your Bowtie from on Vimeo.

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