Matthew Palladino and More at Sketch Tuesday


Headed over to 111 Minna last night for Sketch Tuesday. Rumors floated that Jason Jagel might be there, but he didn't materialize (as far as I know). What was amazing though was Matthew Palladino's single fluid depiction of several bodies in a tumbling pyramid heap. Behold the magic for yourself.

Ted Lincoln, whose solo show opens this Thursday, April 02 at 111 Minna and Matthew Palladino.

Matthew Palladino freehanding some straight lines.

Matthew Palladino's finished piece. This beauty was snapped up by some wise and lucky collector before he even finished it.

New public art on Mission Street at 2nd, across from the delicious lunches (and long lines) at Mixt Greens.

Leanne Miller and Dan Stromberg arting it up on the bench.

The overflow of artists meant that some had to sit at the bar and render exquisite napkin drawings.

N8 Van Dyke ... did not want to be bothered.

Jessica painting

Incredible tattoo artist and painter Henry Lewis, with Brad K. Alder (he runs the show at Sketch Tuesday) and Adam 5100.

Art by Michael Slack

Art by Vivona

Collaboration by Jesse Balmer and Lauren Lester

Collage painting by Annie Galvin

Aaron Mew and Pobrecito

Andy Gouveia and Jesse Balmer

N8 Van Dyke artworks

Lauren Lester and BKA

Five cents for sale

DJ Heiko and Alicia aka Pout

More new public art; this fella is one in a series.

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