'Mean Girls' the Musical + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch


Tina Fey confirms Mean Girls the Musical, Björk protects her home country, and Jeff Bezos wants to send tourists to space. Here's what you missed this week. 

So Fetch! Tina Fey Confirms Mean Girls Musical, OUT.com

It's confirmed: A stage musical adaptation of the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls is in the works. According to NewNowNext, Tina Fey revealed her involvment in the project when New York Times’ culture reporter Melena Ryzik asked her about the musical during a panel. Fey assured crowds that both her and her husband are collaborating on the musical: “My husband, Jeff Richmond, and I [and lyricist] Nell Benjamin have been working on it,” Fey said. Read More.

Oakland Airport Adds Private Breastfeeding 'Pods' for New Moms, SF Gate

New moms needing to breastfeed or pump on the go from the Oakland Airport are now able to do so easily and discreetly, thanks to free-standing Mamava-brand private "pods." Administrators have placed two of these breastfeeding portable rooms around Oakland International (in post-security Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), making it the first airport in California to install such facilities. Read More

Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Could Take Tourists Into Space In 2018, Fast Company

Jeff Bezos has announced that his private space travel company Blue Origin is planning to begin taking tourists to space in just two years. Bezos revealed that tourists could begin taking space flights as soon as 2018, depending how well the next test launch of Blue Origin’s reusable New Shepard spacecraft goes. The Amazon founder and CEO made the comments on Tuesday at the first-ever tour of Blue Origin’s Washington state headquarters. Read More.

San Francisco and Rooting for a Tech Comeuppance, The New York Times

These are anxious days in the land of start-ups. Another few months of tight money and the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists will be feeling real pain. The sooner the better, some people here say. Cities do not usually cheer the downfall or even the diminishment of the hometown industry, but the relationship between San Francisco and the tech community has grown increasingly tense. Read More.

How Apple is Getting Rid of the Genius Bar, CNet

Where the geniuses used to sit is now a very large screen that displays vast beauty shots of products. In front of it are the stools, arranged in pairs or in squares of four. Retail head Angela Ahrendts explained that she wanted Apple stores to feel "dynamic." Read More.

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