Michael Mina’s Clock Bar Opens at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square


On Tuesday, July 15, Clock Bar opened its doors in Union Square’s Westin St. Francis hotel. Celebrating the classic American bar and the art of drink making, chef Michael Mina’s first lounge offers specialty cocktails with small plate food pairings highlighting seasonal ingredients and trends. Guests sampled Sidecars and Americanos poured by Marco Dionysos (formerly of Tres Agaves) while nibbling on mussels and truffle popcorn. The sleek bar was designed by the renowned Rockwell Group, and the décor comes complete with ticker clocks displaying the time in New York, Rome, Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris and Chicago.

Janelle Wang, Matthew Meidinger

Edward Duvrosky, Olga Duvrosky, Lana Kaminskaya, Gene Kristul

Michael Mina, Patrick Yumul

Don Schiavetta, Jan Antonaccio

Scott Harkonen, Sandy Mandel

Petra Garrett, Ezra Garrett

Girard Barry, Taylor Shields

Ricky Camargo, Michael Mina, Liam Mayclem

Andrea van Willigen, Anthony Carron

Michael Mina, Marcy Glaser, Jonathan Kaplan, Diane Mina

Nancy Dammit, Maggie Manville

Michael Mina, MC Hammer

Scott Baer, Jennifer Biesty

Samantha Duvall, Ryan Scott

John Gasparini, Greg Lindgren, Charles Phan

Lauren Eastman, Ward Osborne, Carly Guthrie

Andrea Draper, Jesse Shen

Aaron Smith, Andy Hill

Erin Finnegan, Jennifer Salerno, Amber Attell

Mike Ameci, Renee Ameci

Jennifer Iles, Jeff Jeffries

Danielle Madeira, Renee Ameci
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