Murphy's Rainy Day Film Picks

The Savages
The Savages; courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

Film nerds and nerdettes, instead of trudging around the rainy streets of SF, why don't you check out some of these groovy film picks happening in your 'hood. Don't forget to tune in next week for another installment of the Reel. Until next time, be bad and get into trouble baby.*

Film Happenings Round Town
•     The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) Dir. Schnabel – Embarcadero
    Atonement (2007) Dir. McEwan – Clay
•    The Savages (2007) Dir. Jenkins – Embarcadero
•    No Country for Old Men (2007) Dir. Coens – Bridge
•    Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007) Dir. Scott – Lumiere
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