Must-Have Super Gadgets for Extreme Tea and Coffee Geeks

Must-Have Super Gadgets for Extreme Tea and Coffee Geeks


Anyone can pop into a Philz or Samovar for a great cup of tea or joe. But for real connoisseurs, coffee's about more than just taste—there's passion in the process, too. For the downright obsessed, making it at home is the only way to go. Try out one of these new gadgets to perfect your morning brew. 


Get ready, cat ladies. Your evening cup of tea is about to become a work of art. Teforia's proprietary technology—they call it the Selective Infusion Profile System (SIPS)—claims to intuit what type of tea you put in its infuser so it can then determine exactly how to brew it. The company has teamed with tea masters to perfect recipes for different varietals of tea, down to the exact right temperature and brewing time, to guarantee the best possible cup no matter what you're making. A flawless cup of tea comes at price. But you're worth it, of course.  //  $749,


The sleek-looking Duo is essentially an update to the classic French press. The method is the same, but the addition of a double filter takes aim at eliminating those annoying coffee grounds that sometimes sneak into the bottom of your mug. Fellow, the manufacturer, also sells a separate filter for brewing loose leaf tea. Duo can even make a tasty cold brew.  //  $99,


Dubbed by its makers as the “sous vide for coffee,” Blossom's claim to fame is its ability to maintain a single temperature over time. In layman's terms, this theoretically means there are none of the variations in extraction, and thus in flavor, that occur from the water cooling down after it is poured. Blossom can also save and share coffee recipes (i.e. brewing methods based on various kinds of beans) to guarantee the perfect cup again and again. The makers concede that Blossom will be mostly reserved for commercial use, thanks for the most part to its steep price. But, as they say, "for the dedicated enthusiast, it is a fine choice.” Powerball winners, take note.  //  $5,950,


Spinn isn't even on the market yet (though it is available for pre-order), but the connected coffee maker already poses some big promises via its patented technology. The gadget uses centrifugal force to steep your grounds—it can do drip, espresso, and French press—with no pods or filters. Taking things a step further, Spinn has WiFi connectivity, making it possible for users to brew the day's first cup from a tap of their smartphones while still in bed; you can even curate "beanlists" of your favorites and receive automatic alerts when the machine senses you're running low. Spinn starts shipping holiday 2016.  //  $499,

Cold Bruer

For iced coffee lovers who don't mind doing a little more work than a one-button-push, the beautifully designed Cold Bruer makes unbelievably awesome cup of slow-drip infused with iced water. The set-up process is a tad involved, but once it’s in the fridge the Cold Bruer does everything else.  //  $80,


Calling all certifiable coffee addicts: As of early this month, these guys behind Auroma—a compact machine that promises the maker total domination over every single cup—achieved full funding via Kickstarter, and pre-sales have begun. The idea behind Auroma: to give the caffeinated curious control over every single variable of the brewing process, including temperature, grind size, coffee-to-water ratio, and total coffee output. You can tinker, taste, create flights, and save your favorite cups to reproduce them later. Are you geek enough?  //  $299,

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