My Morning Convo With Gavin

My Morning Convo With Gavin


So I just got off the phone with Mayor Gavin Newsom! But really, no biggie.

Considering the catbird seat I am often afforded at numerous galas, openings and super soirees, it just goes with the territory that civic leaders and politicians would send an email the previous evening telling me to ring them at 9 a.m. (PST) to check in with the G-Man.

Policy? Party planning? It’s all rather similar territory.

Besides -- as many folks know, I’m at my best and brightest as the sun rises.

Anyhoo, so I dutifully dial in and I’ll I’m hearing is silence. Then some voice comes on the line, Mayor Newsom will be joining us in a few minutes. Followed by more silence. Then another, Please hang on the line! The Mayor will be here in 60 seconds.

As I’m still on this interminable hold, I take a peek at the cell and realize it’s only a text message. So I flip that baby open to see what early-morning bon mots Willie Brown or Harry de Wildt are texting in to me. Those two, what cards!

The readout tells me I’ve just received a message from Twitter.

Gavin Newsom: "It’s official - running for Gov of CA. Wanted you to be the first to know. Need your help. Check out video: (etc., etc., etc.,)."

Are you kidding me? I’ve been scooped? While on hold?

Just then, a warm, folksy voice crackles to life on the Princess phone. My ear is filled with the deep, dulcet and re-assuring voice tones that could only belong to Mayor Newsom.

“Hey, everybody: It’s official, I’m running for Governor of California,” says Newsom, rather modestly. “I wanted you to be the first to know.”

Newsom continued to natter on about how his is the first California gubernatorial campaign to be announced on Twitter; they need to raise big bucks by June 30 for the next phase of the campaign; he’s stumping all over the state, every county in the land; healthcare, budgets, solar panels; yada, yada, yada.

At this point, I'm only hearing my own, tortured and not-so-dulcet inner voice: I was scooped, am now running late and will most definitely have to cancel (again!) on that dear Yogi master today.

By the time I hung up the phone with the G-Man, at least my tootsies were sporting Chanel's sassy new shade Paparrazi.


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