Napa’s Finest Wineries Off the Beaten Path

Napa’s Finest Wineries Off the Beaten Path


Most wineries that have achieved fame have done so by getting to the game early, making fantastic products, or offering an exceptional experience. But there are wonderful wineries that fly under the radar because they're new, off the beaten path, make a very small amount of wine, or have simply chosen to remain secret. I worked with premier concierge & driver Kent Higginbotham, owner of Squire Livery Tours, to discover seven of Napa’s finest, top-secret wineries.

White Rock Vineyards

Take a private tour with the owner through these secluded vineyards and impressive caves in southern Napa. The wines are not only refined and elegant, but also very reasonably priced

Road 31 Wine Co.

After White Rock, hop over to Road 31 Wine Co. to sample some killer Pinot Noir. It's a quick jaunt in the car and always a memorable experience.

Jim Munk (vineyard manager), Katie Simpson (proprietor), and Joel Aiken (winemaker) courtesy of Chase Family Cellars

Chase Family Cellars

Chase Family Cellars is quite a find since it’s tucked gently into the western hillside of St. Helena. Here you’ll find 100-year old vines and the tasty Zinfandel wines that come from them.

Frias Family Vineyards

As you're traveling up the dirt road to Frias Family Vineyards, you may begin to wonder how far off the beaten path you're actually willing to go, but the welcoming family will quickly remove all doubt that this casual and rustic place – with outstanding and well-priced wines – was worth the excursion.

Petit Verdot Block at Gabrielle Collection. 

Gabrielle Collection

Gabrielle Collection is known for their spectacular property and wide range of carefully crafted wines. This is a top pick for many elite travelers, but the family and wines are wonderful and accessible.

Yates Family Vineyard

Yates Family Vineyard has become a recent favorite for adventurers, because this 1880's "ghost winery" is a treasure for wine-lovers and history buffs alike. This winery is known for beauty, quality, and family. 

Phifer Pavitt Winery

Phifer Pavitt Winery is so tiny and off the beaten path that you’d never find it on your own. However, they are making some exquisite wines – proof that size isn’t everything,

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