New App LOLy Brings Sexy Emojis to Your iPhone

New App LOLy Brings Sexy Emojis to Your iPhone


There's not much in the way of SF-savvy emojis in the current app store, and we're getting pretty bored of the same thumbs up and smoochy lips we've been sending our BFF for years. Where's the burrito? Where's the Ghiradelli chocolate? That's where LOLy comes in. 

Available only for iOS, LOLy is full of sexy emojis for anyone who wants a better, stylish way to communicate their true emotions via animated SMS—from eye rolls and kissy lips, to hangry sharks, and even Chanel jackets. 

The app is free and divided into six categories: Lips, Greetings, Word Up, Animated, Love, and Life (Animated and Love are an additional $0.99). Here are some of my favorites so far:

1. Blow Me Lips: You know you love it.

2. Champers Yay: The exact emotion I feel whenever I see Champagne being popped.

3. It's On: Complete with Donkey Kong in the background. 

4. LMKHO: For that friend who refuses to text back in a timely manner.

5. Fingers Crossed: You have no idea how long I've wished for this emoji. 

6. Taco + Pho: Separate emojis, but equally important. 

7. Jelly: A cute jar straight off the farm to showcase your green hue.

Created by Gina Pell, local tech innovator and genius behind style blog Splendora, she surveyed hundreds of women and girls and compiled a list of their most texted words, phrases, and acronyms. Pell then hand sketched all the emojis before they were digitized by an all-female team. Get sending! Your girlfriends will thank you. 

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