New GIF-Only Keyboard Expresses Your True Emotions


Credit Riffsy with bringing everyone's favorite communication method right to your fingertips. The GIF keyboard—lauded as the new and much-improved emoji—allows you to text, tweet, email, and Facebook message millions of short videos straight from any device. Organized by hashtags, your recipient will never have to guess at your true feelings again. 

From showing your excitement with a Pharrell video clip, to giving major side eye with the help of the Real Housewife divas, the GIF keyboard is the next step in upping your social media presence and livening up a dull conversation—any Grumpy Cat clip should help. Once supplied with endless pop culture clips, there is literally nothing you can't say, and there's never a bad time for a well placed GIF. So move over, emoji, because—as the team behind the GIF keyboard puts it—if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF of Beyonce gasping is certainly worth a million.


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