New Late Night Shuttle Transports Techies From SF to South Bay


Thoroughly fed up with the lack of public transportation from San Francisco to Silicon Valley after midnight (BART and Caltrain both shut their doors for the night at 12am), Santa Clara county resident Michael Horton teamed up with his friend Cory Althoff to solve the problem. The result is Midnight Express, a private, late-night bus that departs from the 4th Street Caltrain station at 2 am on Friday nights (technically, Saturday morning). The inaugural trip takes place December 19 and is scheduled to drop off passengers at the Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Mountain View Caltrain stations.

Significantly cheaper than having to pay for cab fare or Uber, rides run at $12 per person, with a $5 discount for groups of five or more. Plus, in true techie style, it's a tricked out ride: the spacious bus comes equipped with restrooms, air-conditioning, a stereo system, and video monitors. Just buy your ticket online, and bring photo ID or a copy of the confirmation email to board. As of now, the Midnight Express only operates on Friday nights, but Horton predicts that the schedule will soon expand once the project gets off the ground.

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