No Girls Allowed: 3 SF Brands Are Making Awesome Underwear for Men

No Girls Allowed: 3 SF Brands Are Making Awesome Underwear for Men


What could be more necessary than a great pair of comfy undies? Listen up, guys: Here are three San Francisco brands whose handsome, expertly fitted boxer briefs are made for high performance and designed to be seen.  

Les Lunes Homme

Based in San Francisco and Paris, Les Lunes is known for directly engaging its customers in the design process. So in order to perfectly engineer their T-shirts and boxer briefs for Les Lunes Homme, the brand invited local guys into the SF showroom to try on various styles, which they then took home for a real-life test drive. Based on their feedback, Les Lunes believes it has tailored the perfect fit. The three-piece collection—a boxer and long- and short-sleeved tees—are made from super-soft bamboo and promise comfortable support.  //

Levi's Basics

Nobody comes between him and his...Levi's? Who knows if this collection of men’s underwear, socks, and T-shirts will ever become as iconic as the jeans, but Levi’s aims to make a skivvy so comfortable that dudes can wear them from work to the gym to date night (hopefully with a quick change in between), and each piece is evocative of classic Levi's styling. The 200 series is emblazoned with the brand’s iconic red batwing logo; the 300 series echoes of Levi's denim with signature rivets; the 400 Series is made from 100 percent merino wool for extra softness and high performance; and a collection of woven boxers in cotton chambray and oxford takes its cue from traditional men’s shirting.  // 


Launched via Kickstarter back in 2013, Olivers set out to solve for high performance menwear. The brand's All Over Short was first rendered in cotton, but due to the highly absorbent nature of the fabric, which can trap moisture against the skin and cause discomfort, it was deemed a dud. The brand looked to Schoeller Fabrics, a premier technical mill in Switzerland, for help. The new Oliver briefs, made with Schoeller's polyester and a nylon-brushed waistband, distribute compression across the body for greater comfort. Founder David Wolfe says, “The end result is a brief that looks and feels great, and is the perfect day-to-day solution for the active man.”  //

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