Oakland's Wallpaper to Headline Their First Show at the Indy


2010 has been a very, very good for the guys in Wallpaper, that perpetually partying-down duo of Eric Frederic (better known as Ricky Reed) and drummer Arjun Singh. Not only did they sell out their Noise Pop gig at Slim's and blaze through SXSW in the headlining spot at the Bay Area Take Over, but they have been declared a favorite at the Twitter offices and are soon to turn San Francisco's Independent into an Oakland basement party during their first show as headliners on Friday, May 7.

Wallpaper evolved from its early days as a computer-only, Auto-Tuned project into a full-blown local live phenomenon with three ecstatic EPs under its belt. Wallpaper's Auto-Tune-centric ways are long gone on their debut LP with Eenie Meenie Records, Doodoo Face (the facial contortions one makes when one discovers something completely, totally funky), which now sports live drums, trumpets and guitars that inject layered intricacies to their trademark huge beats. If you want to start your weekend right, head down Divisadero to the Independent to get way down to some of Oakland's finest booty-funk.

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