Obsessed! Cheryl Burr, Pastry Chef at Citizen's Band and Pinkie's Bakery on Prime Rib



"I’m kind of a prime rib snob. I love it because it’s beefy and tender, and I always get it rare. In life, beef is one of my top five favorite things. I used to work in hotels a lot, so I think that’s where I developed my taste for it. I used to try to sneak in a slice before the prime rib went out onto the buffet.

Maybe it’s because of the showmanship, but I’ll generally only eat the one from the House of Prime Rib. It’s just the best beef ever. Also, if I’m going to eat thousands of calories of red meat, it has to be the best. I get the king cut because I want the option to have a second helping. The middle part is red, juicy, and so tender. Then, when you get a bite of the crisp edge, it adds another dimension of saltiness, an extra bump of flavor. I don’t know what House of Prime Rib puts in their rub, but whatever it is, it’s frickin’ good.

I consider myself a connoisseur of prime rib, so I will rarely order it at any restaurant because I don’t want to be disappointed. The only other place I remember liking the prime rib is Tadich Grill. The size of the meat was especially memorable. For my 29th birthday, the chef at the now-closed Bacar, where I used to work, let me bring in 16 people, and he made a prime rib just for my table. I have to say, it was the best birthday ever."


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