Ole Sweet Olallieberry


It might be the shortest optimal-picking time for any fruit on the planet: the olallieberry season has just six weeks of plucking potential. But what a wonderful six weeks! The awkwardly named and tricky to spell olallieberry—a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry—is found mostly on Northern California's coast. For good pickings, head to Phipps Country Store & Farm near the two-stop-sign town of Pescadero, 20 miles south of Half Moon Bay. Their U-Pick season opens this weekend. Phipps sends you off into the fields with a basket for storing the plump, juicy-sweet berries; that is, if you can resist storing them in your mouth first (a little pre-tasting never hurt). Phipps Country Farm is where the folks at Duarte's Tavern go to get the fixings for their famous olallieberry pie. Try a slice there or venture to make your own world-famous olallieberry creation.

BONUS: Phipps Country Farm also hosts a mix of farm animals, including turkeys, exotic birds, pigs, and goats—almost certain to provide some pie-in-the-sky entertainment.

Phipps Country Store and Farm, 2700 Pescadero Rd., Pescadero; 650-879-0787. There is a $3 entrance fee, then the berries cost $2.75 per pound. Open everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Click on their link for directions. For more information on this trip or other food related trips, check out Weekend Sherpa.
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