Ozy Founder Carlos Watson to Host Civilized Debates on New Late-Night TV Show


With so much nasty, uneducated, unlistening ranting and raving about so many wide-ranging issues (Donald Trump, gun control, abortion, gentrification, the minimum wage) filling up our screens, there's little need for yet another forum to gripe about it all. But, what if we made room for that age-old medium called civilized debate? 

Leave it to Ozy Media founder/CEO (and 7x7 Hot 20 honoree) Carlos Watson to get it done.

Point Taken, debuting tonight (April 5) at 11pm on PBS, will put the bright Bay Area journalist (a former CNN and MSNBC anchor) in front of the camera, alongside a coterie of presumably amazing "fresh and diverse" guests, to debate the hot topics of the day in a manner that promises to be "spirited and civil, with a solid sense of humor."

For devoted readers of Ozy, this will sound about right: The online media platform is known for its modern, conversational, video- and graphic-friendly approach to both hard news and eccentric lifestyle subjects—in the last week, stories have ranged from Pakistan's war on terror and the 1970s assassination of a Spanish prime minister to women in STEM and love in the age of molly.

For tonight's inaugural show, Watson, who has interviewed high-profile folks including Shaquille O'Neal and President Obama, will focus on the American dream—is it alive or dead? Guests will include Monica Mehta, author of The Entrepreneurial Instinct; Boston Herald radio guy Tom Shattuck; Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson; and libertarian magazine editor Matt Welch.

Press teasers promise Watson will prove that "in this country, we can disagree without being disagreeable."

Will you be tuning in? 

//  Point Taken (11pm PST) on PBS, pbs.org

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