Party Blotter: Music to Keep You Dancing All Night


This week’s Party Blotter is something a little out of the ordinary, featuring two party anniversaries, a fundraiser to support LGBT rights in Russia, and a rare debut appearance by a reclusive techno duo. Whether you’re into spacious dub techno, sparkling disco, glimmering house or off-kilter electronica, there’s a lot in the following two weeks to get excited about. See you on the dancefloor!

NIGHT FEVER with CHRIS ORR and DEREK OPPERMAN, Thursday September 12, Madrone Art Bar

Disco: love it, hate it, or love to hate it, you can’t resist it. The genre that birthed the discoteque has always been an integral part of San Francisco’s dance-party DNA, and one of the city’s newest parties, Night Fever, is dedicated to the art of the shimmering disco ball. This week they’ve enlisted two local selectors, Chris Orr and Derek Opperman, who both come equipped with extensive knowledge of jams from the 70s and 80s, and record collections to match. Add to this the ample dancefloor at Madrone Art Bar and free cover all night, and you have yourself one hell of a Thursday night disco dance party. RSVP on Facebook for more information. 9 pm - 2 am, free all night.

AS YOU LIKE IT with JEFF MILLS, KASSEM MOSSE, DANIEL WANG, Friday September 13, Public Works

As You Like It celebrates their three-year anniversary by throwing a whole-club affair featuring an all-star lineup that bridges the gap between the diverse styles of dance music they’ve presented over the past several years. Headlining is Jeff Mills, who doesn’t need much of an introduction: the Godfather of techno music, a Detroit legend, an innovator, and a standard-bearer, his DJ sets are more like live performances, featuring any number of turntables and CD decks alongside samplers and drum machines. He’ll be joined by Kassem Mosse, a German synthesizer wizard, performing an all-hardware live set of raw, stripped-down analog techno, the perfect appetizer for Mills’ pummelling sound. Daniel Wang will be situated in the loft upstairs, spinning his blend of nu-disco and upbeat house music, offering just the right antidote for when the barrage downstairs gets a little bit too heavy. RSVP on Facebook for more details and purchase presales via Eventbrite. 9 pm - 4 am, $20 presales, $25 at the door.


Honey’s weekly party on Sunday the 14th is a special one. Honey is the only West Coast club hosting the Promote Diversity party, a fundraiser hosted by a number of the world’s best clubs (including Berghain in Berlin and Output in NYC) to build awareness of and support for the LGBT community in Russia. All proceeds from the door and the bar will be donated to All Out, an organization which has campaigned for LGBT rights in over 50 countries, with a current focus on Russia. Joining them is Anthony Naples, one of the brightest rising stars within the burgeoning NYC house music scene. His sound is sample-heavy, lush, beautiful and perfect for a warm summer evening. For more information about the fundraiser and to RSVP, visit Resident Advisor. 9 pm - 2 am, $5 before 11 pm, $10 after.



ECHOSPACE presented by PULSELOCKER, TEKNOKITCHEN, & DIRECT TO EARTH, Friday September 20, Public Works

Of all the legions of performers and producers who borrowed the atmospheric, spaced-out dub techno template from Basic Channel, Echospace are perhaps the most notorious and the most dedicated. This duo, comprised of Rod Modell and Steven Hitchell, have produced truly out-of-this-world dubbed-out analog techno for over a decade now. Their sound is all-encompassing techno from music for dancing into music for drifting. This rare performance is their first in San Francisco, and given their general reclusiveness, you should do whatever it takes to attend this show – you might not have another chance. DJ support is provided by Craig Kuna, Max Gardner, and Brian Knarfield, who will keep your body grounded after it drifts off into outer space. RSVP on Facebook for more information and purchase presales via Eventbrite. 9 pm - 4 am, $10 presales, $15 at the door before midnight, $20 after.

OK HOLE presents JOSH ANZANO, BOBBY BROWSER & ROCHE, LOREN STEELE, Saturday September 21, Amnesia

OK Hole’s fifth anniversary is also its last. For their final iteration, they’ve enlisted a variety of live synth acts: Josh Anzano from LA is headlining, bringing his outsider-house-cum-nu-disco sound to San Francisco. He’s supported by local stalwarts Bobby Browser and Roche, who will perform a special, one-off collaborative live set – given the strength of their respective productions, this will definitely be something special. Another SF resident, Loren Steele, formerly part of NYC’s Wolf+Lamb crew, will perform his latest live synth set. OK Hole residents will be spinning in between. RSVP on Facebook for more information. 9 pm - 2 am, $5 all night.

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