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New Philz app ensures you'll never suffer withdrawals again


Today, two of the Bay Area's most crack-like addictions come together in a single dangerous fix:

Philz has launched a mobile app that promises to get you your buzz—iced Mint Mojito, please!—exactly when you need it, no waiting in line with the jitters.

Ordering a cup for yourself (or enough for the whole office) is officially as easy as a swish of the wrist and a couple of swipes. With more than 20 coffee blends on the menu, you can customize your drink as many as four million different ways (according to Philz reps), then just select the pick-up location nearest you—yes, you still have to leave your desk. Keep tabs on the status of your cuppa in real time, and even see your lovely barista making your order.

Track which drinks you've tried (and how many baristas you've met) directly through the app. When you're ready for another, re-ordering is fast and easy with Apple Pay (it's totes ok if you left your wallet at home).

// philzcoffee.com/app

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