Pisco, Pisco and More Pisco for 7x7 Readers at Liquor.com's La Mar 'Spirited Supper'


Liquor.com's Spirited Supper series (which saw previous events at Beretta and Jardinière) makes its way to La Mar, the land of pisco, next Tuesday.  It will feature six courses of traditional Peruvian food paired with cocktails crafted by La Mar's talented head bartender, Enrique Sanchez (who was one of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Bar Stars this year).

And for 7x7 readers, MORE pisco! All 7x7 readers who purchase tickets through this link will be treated to a special pre-dinner guided pisco tasting with Miguel Solari of BarSol. He's bringing some special bottlings back from South America specificially for this tasting so it's sure to be a treat.

Get tickets here.

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