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Prague is a destination for street food lovers


A bustling and prosperous city, Prague is attracting more visitors than ever.

With a rich history that dates back thousands of years, It has much to offer the curious traveller. Foodies, too, will salivate over the offering in Prague where food tours are quite popular.

Prague will astound even experienced travelers with its Renaissance architecture and Gothic grace. It is a home to many Baroque-style bridges and churches and world-class museums. But like any magnificent city, Prague is best experienced through the eyes of a local person, and if you are a foodie, you must let a local foodie show you around.

Withlocals is a marketplace that allows you to choose a local guide for your desired tour, in any preferred language. They offer 100 percent private and genuine tours with local guides to help you explore Prague and indulge in its uniqueness. Their private tours allow you to choose the itinerary, so that you are comfortable while on the go.

If you are on a whirlwind tour to Prague, then you might want to dig into some quick bites, rather than sitting in a fancy restaurant and having a full meal. Prague street food is quite appealing, and you'll find many tourist and travelers happy to binge in the streets. Before heading to Old Town or Prague Castle, you could have a quick snack.

Street Foods to Try in Prague

Rolled Pastries

These sugar sprinkled fluffy hot pastries are baked and sold fresh. This treat is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. The rolled pastries recipe has been passed on from generations.

Mulled Wine

It is a perfect cold weather drink. Mulled wine is made from spices, red wine and honey or sugar to sweeten the drink. You could easily order it at any bar or restaurant. However, during the winters, you could easily buy it from the local vendors for cheap. It is customary for the travelers and tourists to enjoy sipping mulled wine at the Christmas market while shopping for gifts and souvenirs.


You'll find numerous sausage carts at the Wenceslas Square. These easy to take, hot fillings topped with spicy mustard are the favorite street food in Prague for locals as well as travelers and tourists. The polished red and German white sausages are the most commonly chosen for a quick snack. You could enjoy your hot sausages with a glass full of chilled Czech beer.

Fried Cheese Sandwich

These sandwiches look quite similar to fish or fried chicken patty. Thick pieces of cheese are fried, breaded and topped with tartar sauce or mayonnaise. Once you return to your country, you are sure to miss this dish.

Some of the other foods and beverage that you must try while in Prague are:


There are three different varieties you could taste, vanilla crescent, walnut biscuit and plum jam, and Kolache topped with streusel and filled with Poppy seeds. Each of these is very different and absolutely tasty. These cookies are a perfect blend of warm spices and nuts.

Wine at the Vineyard

When in Prague, one must visit the wine festivals. You could try out different kinds of wines at a local setting and be more relaxed, away from the heavy tourist zones.


Chlebíčky is the open faced sandwiches and are the traditional local Czech cuisine. It consists of toppings like potato salad, ham, smoked fish, garnishing on a piece of bread. They are mostly served at delis. The most common flavours of the locals are celery root, herring and beet puree with beat leaf and goat cheese. You could easily make a meal out of these sandwiches and a soup.

Sauerkraut Soup

It is a traditional Boho speciality, which consists of roasted chanterelle mushrooms, sauerkraut, venison sausage, sour cream, mashed potato dumpling, and basil oil.

You could also indulge in an appetizing private food tour with the insider foodie to not only taste the local cuisines, but also have fond memories of relishing delicacies for a lifetime.

Reasons why opt for private food tour with local guide:

  • The tour can be customized as per your convenience and preference
  • Taste the best Czech food in prague
  • 10 or more delicious tasting
  • Browsing through the local market
  • Trying out the local's favourite dishes

If you are ready to try the most preferred traditional delicacies in Prague, then book your private food tour today. It is suggested that you book in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments.

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