Preservation of Bay2Breakers Throws a Party


As you all probably know, our beloved Bay To Breakers was threatened by increased security and regulations (No nudity or drinking? Blasphemy. This isn't Utah!). Luckily city officials came to their senses, but not without a fight. Enraged San Franciscans have taken to the streets and well, the bottle to fight this clear defiance of inherited, God-given, Bay Area human rights.

For those looking to fight the good fight with a little tequila in hand, make sure to check out Citizens for the Preservation of Bay2Breakers' Party2Party Friday, May 8th at Roe on 651 Howard St. Tickets are $10 advance. The party will raise money for the after race cleanup and float corral after party in Speedway Meadow. A decent DJ lineup has been announced and with three floors of music and Lotus Vodka as one of the sponsors, there's sure to be deals and drinks a-flowing.

As San Franciscans, we're glad to see one of our city's pastimes stay intact, and like they say, "Bay to Breakers, this year and for the next 100 years." We couldn't agree more.

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