Half Lives Matter: Scenes From the San Francisco Science March


On Earth Day this year, thousands of Darwinians descended upon the streets of downtown San Francisco to profess the importance of scientific literacy. And with them, tongue-in-cheek rally signs celebrating all things factually based—who said science geeks don't have a sense of humor?

We are living in strange times, to put it mildly. With every passing hour, it seems, the legitimacy of fact-based reasoning is questioned by a baseless tweet. But while half of Americans reject evolution and nearly as many don't think climate change is our fault, Bay Areans, at least, still believe in upholding the virtues founded on scientific evidence. This weekend, at the San Francisco March for Science, we set out to #MakeScienceGreatAgain.

Checkout some of the quirky Instagram highlights from the march below:

What the birds saw...

Captain America gets woke.

Free the data!

Without science, there would be no Marvel franchise.


Science is not a partisan issue.

Science is timeless.



#HalfLivesMatter is everything.

Liberty, Equality, Reality!"

Kiss my flask.

A crafty chemist.

March onward, young science guys.

All that.

For the sake of all that is peer reviewed, we must save Santa!

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