Radiohead Album Artist Stanley Donwood's First-Ever U.S. Show @ Fifty24SF


So you love Radiohead, right? No doubt you can picture each of their album covers in your mind as soon as they're named. But who created these iconic images, from Amnesiac's old red book to Pablo Honey's super 90's flower-baby collage? Stanley Donwood is the man behind the art, and he's having his first-ever U.S. art show, entitled "Over Normal" in our very own San Francisco at Fifty24SF Gallery on September 2nd.

His dystopic imagery and landscapes seen on the album covers echo the dissonance of Radiohead's music, and Donwood's personal creations, much of which he has shown all over the world, are rife with humor and political commentary. "Over Normal" is inspired by LA's sea of billboards and spam emails. Seven new works will be displayed, along with a neuron-firing sound installation (called the "Overnormaliser" and a 12-page newspaper Donwood produced to explain the work). Stay tuned for an interview with Donwood next week!

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