Rain, Rain Go Away: How to Keep the Weather Outside of the House



Ugh. Local news is forecasting another week of rain on top of rain. We're so over it, but at least at this point we feel pretty prepared to handle all this madness. Here are our picks for local products that'll keep the wet outside where it belongs.

  • Perhaps that 90% chance of rain prediction was off? Start your morning in the know with this wood alarm clock from Park Life ($159), which features a stylish digital weather forecast right on the display.
  • Scuff off any gathered mud on this cherry blossom-strewn mat from Gumps ($29). With rainy day after rainy day, you'll take a little spring-time cheer where you can get it.
  • If you've still got some extra sludge on your shoes, stick them in a little boot tray at your front door, like this DiY version from Martha Stewart.
  • No one's going to mistake this modern umbrella stand from Zinc Details ($150) for a rubbish bin. Plus, its light footprint is perfect for small urban homes.
  • Make sure to keep all soaking coats and hats relegated to just inside the front door. Hang 'em up on sculptural Ivy hooks from Rare Device ($65), which you can arrange in any number of ways to suit your entryway.


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