Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge: Jennifer Nichols, Episode #2


Club One and 7x7 magazine have teamed up for the first ever Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge. Two trainers, two winners and the fierce goal of looking hot for the big day. Let the games begin.

Bride-to-be #1: Jennifer Nichols, former gymnast

Wedding: End of Summer 2009

Trainer: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brian Hannah, Club One Embacadero Center

Jennifer's training is going great!  She is working very hard and I can tell she really wants to be in tip-top shape, (evidenced by her perseverance through 6 a.m. training sessions). Now that we have been through the initial preparatory phase, it's time to kick it up a notch.

This week: circuit training, which involves one heavy strength move followed by an endurance exercise of the same muscle group, followed by a core exercise, with no rest in between.  Example: 1) Deadlift, 8 reps; 2) Hamstring curl, 20 reps; 3) Cable lifts, 20 reps per side.

At least once per workout, I will add in a high intensity cardio interval for an extra challenge. This week, I had Jennifer perform sets of various strength exercises like the push-up with repeated 30-yard uphill sprints. Intense.

This combination of strength, core and cardio maximizes caloric burn during the workout and EPOC (energy used to recover) after the workout, which can be even more important than the routine itself.

These aggressive workouts require good eating habits. I suggested that Jennifer eat 1-2 hrs before exercise to give her the necessary energy boost. Immediately after the workout, she should focus on protein to enhance recovery. Nutrition is key.

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