Ready, Set, Run: Four Mid-Distance Runs in Silicon Valley


Our smartphones have become just as necessary as the opposable thumbs hovering over them. Texts, emails and notifications about our step count goal follow us everywhere, so why not run alongside the tech giants? Here are four mid-distance runs in Silicon Valley that'll surely make your Apple Watch congratulate you afterward.

(Sunset at Shoreline Park at Mountain View, courtesy of Travel Stock)

Silicon Valley With a View (4+ miles)

A green, bay-front oasis lies just a hop, skip, and Google search away from some of SV's most notable tech empires. Tucked in the Shoreline Park at Mountain View snakes miles-and-miles of scenic trailscapes. Not only will you find yourself just mere meters from some tech Godzillas, but you'll be treated to a view of the calm waters of the South Bay, too. Plus, this route's perfect for bringing along your leashed companion.

Shoreline View Park.png

The details:

  • Park in the public lot located at the visitor's center for Shoreline Park at Mountain View on North Shoreline Boulevard.
  • Vere right after parking and merge onto the Bay Trail.
  • Follow for a mile-and-change, then take a right to merge onto Stevens Creek Trail
  • Follow for around a half-mile, then turn right (over the segment crossing over the water) back onto the Bay Trail.
  • Run along this segment of the Bay Trail for roughly three-miles, and you'll find yourself right back at your vehicle—water bottle waiting

Tips from the editors:

  • Run this route on the weekend and remember to double-check the forecast. If it's rained lately, there will be mud.
  • Bring your dog—but don't forget to clean-up them.
  • Wear sunscreen, there's very little shade on this route.

Googleplex (Courtesy of visit

"Just Google It" (3.5+ miles)

Need an excuse to check out the Google campus? This three-plus-mile run will do just that.

Google Campus.png

The details:

  • Park in the public lot located at the visitor's center for Shoreline Park at Mountain View on North Shoreline Boulevard.
  • Turn down Permanente Creek Trail for roughly a half-mile.
  • Merge left onto Amphitheater Road and follow till it intersects with North Shoreline Boulevard.
  • Turn right onto North Shoreline Boulevard (gawk at the Google buildings to your right while you run).
  • Turn right onto Plymouth (continue oohing and aweing to your right).
  • Turn right back onto Permanente Creek Trail.
  • Turn left onto Charleston Road (this will merge into Garcia Road).
  • Take a right onto the trail head at Shoreline Athletic Fields.
  • Follow trail until you're back onto Permanente Creek Trail.
  • Take a left to stay on the Permanente Creek Trail.
  • Follow trail until you're back at your parked car at Shoreline Park at Mountain View.

Tips from the editors:

  • Wear comfortable, street running shoes; you'll be pounding a lot of asphalt.
  • This route's best done by yourself or in the company of other runners. (Sorry, four-legged best friends.)
  • This route's great during the week and on the weekend; parking is never an issue.

A Run on the Wild Side (3.5+ miles)

Coyotes, lizards, muskrats, oh my! Those are the names of trailheads found in Coyote Hills Regional Park—and what an oasis it is! Your Snapchat story will thank you.

Coyote Trail .png

The details:

  • Park at the visitors center at Coyote Hills Regional Park.
  • Turn onto Bayview trail, then merge onto Nike Trail.
  • Follow Nike Trail until it merges back onto Bayview Trail.
  • Follow Bayview Trail until it merges into Lizard Rock Trail.
  • Follow until it merges into Chochenyo Trail.
  • Follow until it merges into Tuibun Trail; take a left onto Tuibun Trail.
  • Follow until you're back at the visitors center.

Tips from the editors:

  • Don't forget to wear your trail running shoes!
  • You may bring along your four-legged best friend, but just be sure to clean up after him or her
  • Apply sunscreen prior to heading-out, be sure to drink plenty of water beforehand
  • Parking is usually a non-issue—so either weekday or weekend runs here are within reach

Ames Research Center (courtesy of

Houston, We [Don't] Have a Problem (4+ miles)

Brimming with enough right-angles to make any design junkie stop mid-stride, this four-mile run treks has some pretty cool pit stops along the way. Lace up your racing flats, ignite your favorite playlist, and get out there.

NASA Research .png

The Details:

  • Park either at, or along, Google Building CL4.
  • Travel along the not-yet-named trail leading toward North Shoreline Boulevard.
  • Turn left and follow North Shoreline Boulevard for about a mile until you turn onto Fitness Trail.
  • Follow Fitness trail until you intersect with Stevens Trail; turn left at Stevens Trail.
  • Cross the pedestrian crossing at Stevens Trail to get to the other side; turn right and follow NASA Ames Research Boundary.
  • Follow until you intersect with RT Jones Road; turn onto King Road.
  • Follow King Road for a short-second; left onto De France Avenue.
  • Follow De France Avenue; turn left onto NASA Ames Research Boundary again.
  • Follow NASA Ames Research Boundary for a quarter-mile.
  • At this point, there's a small not-yet-named trail crossing that will lead to your car at the Google CL4 Building.

Tips from the editors:

  • Charge your smartphone, you'll want to take lots of pictures of all the sublime architecture.
  • Wear your street flats, you'll be assaulting quite a bit of asphalt.
  • Parking might be tight, so a weekend run might be more appropriate.
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