Religious Experience


Photo courtesy of Damien Hirst and Serge Sorokko Gallery

Last week I attended the opening of the US premiere of art star Damien Hirst’s “New Religion” series at Serge Sorokko gallery. Ripe for spawning obsession (Do tell Mr. Hirst, what’s the connection between 100mg grape and fruit chewables and Cain and Abel? I must know!) or hours of conversation with your bible study group/doctor, the show is one of the most engrossing exhibitions I’ve been to recently. I’m not one of those people who think the whole animals-in-formaldehyde business was genius, nor am I currently calling for Mr. Hirst’s head on behalf of Lori Precious.  All I know is, the man’s onto something with this one. Check it out and feel free to send your decoder theories my way.
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