Rest Easy


We’ve long been fans of cushions by LoooLo Textiles, which marry artful design with biodegradable yarn. Still, we can’t help but sing their praises once more with their introduction of a new line of cradle-to-cradle home accessories, which return to the earth within one year of repose.

The Mademoiselle pillow is currently the company’s top seller but that could change with the introduction of the Honeycomb and La Rue pillows (all are shown above.) All of the organic-cotton pillows are stuffed with Canadian organic buckwheat and come in a broad range of hues, from passionate persimmon to serene sprout. Given that the textile industry is the second largest culprit in polluting our precious waterways (agriculture is first), it’s reassuring to learn that LoooLo steers clear of the 2,000 toxic chemicals commonly found in big box manufacturing. So with LoooLo pillows, you can truly rest easy. [Ecofabulous]

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