Salad Days


After my debaucherous dessert week, I resolved to end my sugar bender and turn over a new leaf (so to speak). That’s right, I went from chocolate cakes and fruit crisps to capreses and cobbs sans bacon. Well, not exactly that saintly, but I have been making an effort to get back to my healthy eating in honor of swimsuit season (everywhere in the northern hemisphere but here).

Salad fixins

Luckily with just about every fruit and vegetable I like to eat being farm-fresh, visits to the salad bar have been more than satisfying. During the weekend, I love me a farmer’s greens salad at Pluto’s, where you pick seven veggies, fruit or nuts to accompany some mixed greens and chicken or steak. And with the opening of the second Mixt Greens location (475 Sansome St.) in the Financial District last Monday, I have double access to their eco-gourmet salads during the workweek. I especially like the Fusion, with coriander-encrusted seared ahi, edamame, cucumber, soba and sesame soy dressing—always in corn-based, compostable packaging.

       Asparagus salad at Salt House

My proudest moment, however, was at Salt House the other day. I exercised the utmost restraint, and—as I watched a juicy, fat burger float by— I still ordered the asparagus salad with snap peas, smoked trout, frisee and bits of hard-boiled egg on top. Of course, I did end up asking for extra bread, but one step at a time!

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