San Francisco Bands To See at SXSW This Week


A one-word message to San Franciscans at SXSW: UNITE.

Some of your neighbors are making the rounds in Austin this week, and they’re all worthy of your SF insider recommendation. If you see any of these bands on a lineup, tell your friends “yeah they’re from SF, right down the street from me. They freakin’ rule…the next big thing.” And then put your money where your mouth is (and go see them for free).

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

Thao Nguyen and company are on an extended hot streak. Their latest album We the Common scored huge with critics, and their first two albums are must-listens for any self-respecting local music snob.

Dirty Ghosts

Allyson Baker’s gaining local momentum and some modest national buzz after releasing Metal Moon earlier this year. She says she was inspired into music by Nirvana, and damn if it doesn’t show. 


The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet

Gypsy jazz ensemble waxes poetic without speaking a word. Acoustic instrumentation is the only variable, and that’s mighty fine. We present them at their best here:

Tara Priya

This girl’s got that extra sumthin-sumthin in the vocal and swagger department. She screams confidence and sultry sexuality, the type of artist begging to be experienced live.

See video

Soft Moon

Luis Vasquez’ one-man show Soft Moon should be blowing up aaaaany day now. He’s been making plenty of local noise with, well, noise. His industrial Nine Inch Nails-like aesthetic is an already polished product, and don’t be surprised if the SXSW bloggerati salivates.


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