San Francisco Woman Uses Mural to Find Love

San Francisco Woman Uses Mural to Find Love


With the influx of online dating sites and apps, there is not much room left for romance. Many folks find online dating to be efficient and beneficial in landing a mate, but is finding "the one" on the same level as ordering a meal? People can sell themselves as they please, and browse others just as easily. But, this certainly raises the question: Does serendipity even have a place in this fast-paced, instant-gratification world we romantic-types are stuck living in? One San Francisco woman is challenging this modern dating fad by mixing the benefits of online dating with Hollywood-made romance.

Choosing to remain anonymous, one 26-year-old love-lorn lass puts it all out there with her mural of what she's "looking for" in the love department. It's called Looking for Love. And with the help from graphic designer, Matthew Wyne, she has created her own version of an online dating site, without the Internet, complete with contact information and what she desires in a mate. 

Some passersby view it as equal to online dating, while others find it fascinating: the courage of one woman bearing it all on the streets of San Francisco inspires others to have some faith in this little thing called love. Although it may seem like her bold advertisement is just another way to mix convenience with destiny, this unique street art represents one woman's way for writing her own love story. 

Sure, displaying your desires, needs, and qualities for all to see may seem drastic, or altogether desperate to some, but does it not leave us asking, "What if it works?" And only by serendipitous fortune will her requests be answered. Her soul mate will not be the guy who walks that particular street everyday on his way to work, casually reading her painted emotion as he rushes to the office. Nor will he be the guy who lives across the way, who stares at her mural day in and day out as he waters his plants. No, this man who answers her Sleepless in Seattle-equivalent call will be the man who took a short-cut one day, missed his bus, or just happened to take the wrong turn and was blind-sided by fate. This sign does not eliminate old romance, as we once knew it; it may create a new one.

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[via The Atlantic]

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