San Francisco's W Hotel Keeps Rolling Out Stylish Improvements


We’re pretty much loving the W right now.  First they opened TRACE (read about it HERE), which has quickly become a favorite of 7x7 staffers. Today is the launch of their redesigned welcome area, including the mesmerizing Living Room Bar and Upstairs Bar. The spaces are designed by San Francisco-based interior designer and architect Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects.

Let's gush about the design details for a minute; in the Living Room Bar, dark fog-patterned walls are contrasted with bright pinks, blues and purples arranged in a spectrum behind black, wooden lattice-work screens that frame the Living Room. Pops of color are picked up through the pillows and accessories, where vibrant hues evoke San Francisco’s psychedelic movement of the 1960s. After night falls, the vibe is accentuated with blurred ikat prints, marbled Victorian serveware, mushroom shaped objects and twisting smoke motifs. Talk about trippy.

From TRACE, a staircase leads to the bar upstairs where guests quite literally ascend through the fog, which gets even more intense thanks to the patterned mirrored walls that create the illusion of being immersed in the clouds. It all creates an overarching sense of mystery and liberty that makes us feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Accessories featuring metal studs, faux fur and leather pick up the dark and industrial vibe of San Francisco’s Castro Street while giving a wink to its hedonistic past.

Come see us at the opening event tonight.  W San Francisco is located at 181 Third Street in San Francisco.  For more information, please visit or call (415) 777-5300.

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