Sandra Bernhard and Guy Branum of 'Chelsea Lately' Headline the Out Loud Comedy Festival


Given San Francisco’s international reputation for rainbow flags, it’s somewhat shocking to realize the Out Loud Comedy Festival is the first and only LGBT comedy festival in recorded history. That said, I didn’t fact check ALL of recorded history (it's entirely possible there was a wildly popular version on the heels of the Gold Rush, complete with grizzled miners in petticoats), so take this blanket statement with a small grain of pink Himalayan salt.

Actually don't. No salt. This is a first, and you should take note, especially if you like funny things and funny people, many of whom are even now descending on our fair city. Headlined by Sandra Bernhard and Guy Branum (head writer of Chelsea Lately), Out Loud is prepared to fill the gaping LGBT-shaped hole with an impressive lineup of acts including drag queen riots, San Francisco legend Margo Gomez, sketch comedy from The Big Gay Tour, and the State of the (Super Gay) Union. Here's hoping it will be the first of many.

October 7-10 at multiple venues, including the Castro Theatre. Tickets are $6-45 at

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