Scenes of the City: Dogs at Play


For this week's "Scenes of the City", we visited several dog parks including Bernal Heights, Duboce Park and Corona Heights and captured some of the city's dog owners, dogs and dog parks.

All photos and copy by Joseph Schell

Trixie (right) and Shannon stop for a quick photo in Duboce Park.

Natalia and Daisy (left) relax on a park bench in Duboce Park.

We think this sign at Corona Heights dog park speaks for itself.

Tyrone and Cosmo (left) keep each other company in the busy Duboce dog park.

Tucked in the hillside, Corona Heights dog park, is another SF hub of canine activity.

A little camera shy, Clementine (right), and Sarah spent part of Tuesday afternoon strolling through Duboce Park.

A dog trainer at Corona Heights dog park gets ready to divvy out some snacks.

Stephen and Cosmo (right) enjoy a moment in Duboce Park.

An owner and his dog make their way up to the top of Bernal Heights.

A row of leashes hang over the fence at Corona Heights dog park.

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