Scenes of the City: Rock Climbing and Bouldering At Ocean Beach, Glen Canyon Park and Corona Heights


For this week's Scenes of the City we shot local climbers in action Ocean Beach, Glen Canyon Park, Corona Heights just off of Beaver Street and on the retaining wall below the look out at Twin Peaks.

Climber Brett Roddis rappels off the tops of the Beaver Street wall after he set up the top rope.

Luke Amaru Chappellet-Volpini watches Daniel Chang climb around on some rocks in upper Glen Canyon.

Anna McCarthy traverses along the retaining wall below the Twin Peaks overlook.

A maze of climbing rope.

Gabe Phillips makes his way along the wall below the Cliff House restaurant at Ocean Beach.

Daniel Chang searching for his next move in Glen Canyon Park.

Brett Roddis spots Gabe Phillips as he boulders around at Beaver St. 

Looking down from the top of the Beaver Street wall.

Climber Gabe Phillips climbs around at Ocean Beach.

In Glen Park Canyon Daniel Chang leaps for a hold.

Fingers chalked and veins pulsing from a hard climb.

Climber Gabe Phillips on the Beaver Street wall.

Anna McCarthy easily scales the Twin Peaks retaining wall.

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