Secret Recipe: Eggs in Jail from Outerlands


Outerlands' Eggs in Jail goes by many names: Toad in a Hole, Bird's Nest, or Bull's Eye to list a few. Owner Dave Muller's friends John and Johanna of Mollusk and their daughter Nina were among the first to try the Outer Sunset restaurant's version. Nina called it Eggs in Jail, and the name stuck. Whatever you call it, you'll need a large, well-seasoned cast-iron pan, a two-inch circle cutter, and a heat-resistant pastry brush to make it at home.

2 farm eggs
1 1/2-inch-thick slice of pan au levain bread
2 thick slices of bacon
Sea salt

1. Begin by cutting a hole in the center of the bread, saving the cut-out piece.

2. Render the bacon over medium heat in a cast-ron pan until par cooked. Set bacon aside. Drain off and reserve grease. 

3. Wipe pan, preheat over medium heat, and brush pan lightly with bacon grease. Place bread on pan, and brush pan again through the hole in the bread. Crack eggs directly into the hole and season with salt (eggs should sit flush with top of bread). Cook eggs 3-4 minutes on one side, and then flip quickly using a fish spatula, being careful not to allow the eggs to spill out or break. Meanwhile, place the cut bread circle in the pan to toast, checking periodically for color. Add bacon back to pan and cook to desired crispiness as the eggs finish to over-medium.  


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