Secret Recipe: Gran Electrica's 20/20 Margarita packs an extra dose of veggies
The addition of carrot juice and ginger syrup means a nutritious take on the classic marg at Gran Electrica. (Alexander Rubin Photography)

Secret Recipe: Gran Electrica's 20/20 Margarita packs an extra dose of veggies


Forget the skinny marg. Gran Electrica's 20/20 margarita will help you get your veggies and a buzz.

Made with equal parts lime juice and carrot juice (plus some ginger syrup), there's no reason you can't have this marg for breakfast.

"I love the idea of simple cocktails with a twist and I was particularly inspired by the concept of using vegetables rather than fruits in cocktails," said Gran Electrica owner Tamer Hamawi. "Playing around with cucumber, celery, beets, rhubarb, and eventually carrots, the 20/20 was born. We like to think our drinks are both nutritious and delicious."

If you can't make the trip to the Napa restaurant, we've got the recipe so you can make it at home.

The 20/20 Margarita is also included in The Essential Napa Valley Cookbook, a project benefiting Napa restaurant workers impacted by the pandemic and wildfires this past year. Available for pre-order now, the 20/20 Margarita is one of 35+ recipes from top Napa Valley restaurants—think Gott's, Solbar, and Boon Fly Cafe—featured in the cookbook.

Make Gran Electrica's 20/20 Margarita at Home

The 20/20 Margarita is just one of many colorful craft cocktails at Gran Electrica in Napa.

(Courtesy of Gran Electrica Napa)

Serves 1


1½ oz blanco tequila (ideally, 100 percent blue Weber agave)

½ oz triple sec

1 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh carrot juice

½ oz ginger syrup (see below)

3-4 large ice cubes

kosher salt and grated lime zest (for rim)

lime wheel for garnish

Ginger Syrup

3-inch piece of chubby fresh ginger

2 cups plus 1 oz water, separated

2 cups sugar

To make the ginger syrup, peel and chop the fresh ginger. Blend on high with one ounce of the water. Using a fine strainer or cheesecloth, filter out the solids. Heat the remaining 2 cups water over medium-low heat and stir in two cups of sugar until fully dissolved. Add the pureed ginger liquid. Let syrup cool before using.

Add all listed cocktail ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake well and strain over large, solid ice cubes in a 10-ounce rocks glass with a lime salt rim (lime zest and kosher salt). Garnish with the lime wheel.

// Gran Electrica, 1313 Main St. (Napa),

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