Seek Thermal Camera Gives Heat Vision to Smartphones


New smartphone attachment Seek Thermal places the superpower of thermal imaging in the palm of your hand. A pocket sized-device that plugs into your phone, the camera bequeaths the user with the powers of heat vision—which, as it turns out, is as practical as it is cool.

Measuring natural radiation in the infrared spectrum, thermal imaging converts heat energy into a visual image that can be viewed by the human eye. Users can then do things such as see energy loss and water leaks in homes, uncover clogs in pipes, find pets in total darkness, detect objects on the water at night, measure the temperature of food, or locate scary creatures in the dark when you’re looking for your car or camping in the woods.

“Seek’s breakthrough technology lets people see heat for the first time, something that only government agencies and companies could afford in the past,” says CEO Robert Acker.

At 0.5 ounces, the $199 gadget creates true thermal images with a powerful resolution of 206 x156, or over 32,000 thermal pixels.

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