9 SF Photographers Who Truly Capture the Essence of The City
(Troy Holden)

9 SF Photographers Who Truly Capture the Essence of The City


San Francisco makes it almost too easy to snap an iconic picture. Think Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, or our famous fog (Hi, Karl!). It takes a truly gifted photographer, however, to frame the complex spirit of The City in all its beauty and grit. The following people each have a unique perspective on life in SF.

(Chris Beale)

Chris Beale

Beale captures slices of life from cultures around the world and brings to light the injustices suffered by the subjects of his camera. His series "David and Goliath" brings the narrative home, speaking to the current tensions between police and the citizens of San Francisco, while "Frisco" takes a real, gritty look at city life in places such as the Tenderloin. // chrisbealephoto.com, Instagram: @chris__beale

(Inks of Truth)

Reynaldo Cayetano Jr.

Founder of the SF-based art collective Inks of Truth, Cayetano grew up on Sixth Street, and has dedicated himself to touting the importance of the often underappreciated neighborhood. Although he documents his travels around the world, Rey's photographic love letter to the TL is just as stunning, and crucial, to his work. // inksoftruth.com, Instagram: @inksoftruth

(Maury Edelstein)

Maurice Edelstein

SF is radiant with color, sound, and energy. It takes an expert to absorb all that and confine it to the frame of a photograph. Maury Edelstein is one such photographer. He has chronicled the characters of SF in all their splendor, exploring their neighborhoods, camera in hand, for over 40 years. // maur-images.com, Instagram: @maur_images

(Sandy Elle)

Sandy Elle

Although Sandy Elle's photography is mostly based around SF's food scene, her snaps of The City proper encompass the childlike joy that can be found here. She exposes unexpected and beautiful slices and shares them in candy-hued shades, interesting shapes, and lush textures. // sandybythebay.com, Instagram: @sanfranciscounicorn, @sffoodphotography

(Charles Shelton Green)

Charles Shelton Green

Oakland-based architectural designer and photographer Charles Shelton Green fuses both his trades, gathering inspiration from "craft, details, and sense of place" to create cozy snapshots filled with adventures in nature and a sense of old-school nostalgia. // charlessheltongreen.com, Instagram: @charlessheltongreen

(Troy Holden)

Troy Holden

Troy Holden shoots candid moments that are gone just as quickly as they were here. The result is a crazy collection of photos where you wonder what the heck is going on, want to know the story behind it, and wish you were there to see it firsthand. // troyholden.com, Instagram: @troyholden

(Joel Angel Juárez)

Joel Angel Juárez

As a photojournalist for publications such as El Tecolote, it's Joel Angel Juárez's job to objectively reflect on his surroundings. The product proves to be as powerful and beautiful as it is truthful. His photo series depict refugees in Greece, the Open Wounds of America, and farm workers in Oxnard, but his photos of the Bay Area carry just as much worldly weight. From rowdy Giants fans celebrating to passionate police protests to farm workers marching to City Hall on Cesar Chavez Day, this is San Francisco. // joelangeljuarez.com, Instagram: @jajuarezphoto

(Dan Kurtzman)

Dan Kurtzman

Land- and cityscape photog Dan Kurtzman may be split between two coasts, covering both SF and New York City, but we like to think his SF photographs show who has his heart. They highlight the brilliant splendor of how architecture and nature play off each other to create this unique postcard city. // dankurtzman.com, Instagram: @kurtzmanos, @wildbayarea, @wildnewyork

(Ted Pushinky)

Ted Pushinsky

With SF changing radically in just a few years, those who capture its true essence over the course of 50 years are gold. Across so many decades, Pushinsky's photos fill us in on all the diversity, fashion, conflict, and complexity that embody The City's denizens. // tedpushinsky.com, Instagram: @tedpushinsky

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